List of documents

Due to special arrangements (the ‘right’ to be represented in court by a lawyer) people are silenced in courts by a lawyer playing the role of a ‘defender’ who in fact has responsibility to pacify the ‘victim’, calm down his anger and to prevent inconvenient truth from being voiced in public.
Only ‘matters’ agreed on and in the manner convenient to the interest of Mafioso system are presented in courts. That is being monitored and controlled by a lawyer playing the role of a ‘judge’.

Apart from ‘government’ organizations which are well protected against court actions by the existing ‘laws’ there are multum of semi-government, ‘professional’ organizations ( lawyers, barristers, judiciary etc ), politicians making promises during ‘elections’ (‘representation’ is the SERVICE provided for the community – social contract), some government agencies and commissions which have ABN number.

THOSE  can be considered as  ‘commercial’ organizations and sued in ‘court of law’ for various breaches eg. under Competition and Consumer Act 2010.
Quite versatile seems to be ‘Schedule 2 - The Australian Consumer Law’
Particularly - Part 2 Unconscionable conduct
20  Unconscionable conduct within the meaning of the unwritten law
21  Unconscionable conduct in connection with goods or services

That approach has more potential to inflict pain to the system than using ‘judicial review’ legislation which is one of standard ‘pretended’ laws intended to defuse and pacify resentment by creating useless outlet and where only ‘lawfulness’ but not MERITS can be discussed.

Some people are afraid to attack the system because they do not know how to do it.
I am including here copies of all the documents I lodged in courts in my fight against the system. I want to encourage other people to use them, modify them, improve on them – especially my early attempts, or to seek an inspiration - there are no copyrights.
Templates of documents can be also downloaded from courts resources.
In the case of Queensland it is:

To begin the court action you need to lodge those 2 documents



Other examples









Of course mongrels are charging thousands of dollars for the privilege, therefore you need to apply for the reduction of fee.