Helmet affair
(Prime candidate for Guiness Book of Records of police arrogance and stupidity)

These days my activities are more and more limited but on better days I enjoy going for
an easy pushbike ride on such numerous bike paths in Brisbane.

Wednesday, 4th December. I was enjoying riding pushbike along Riverside path. Few policemen on bikes passed me and apparently they were saying something to me.
2 of them followed me and stopped me saying that I committed 'an offence'.
(Sergeant Jason Laffey and constable Karl Cody)
I did not respond, when they asked me to 'identify' myself I gave them an ID.
Several routine cliché questions followed - 'do you have any lawful reason…', etc

I used my phone camera to video the whole exercise (good Utube material) and I remained completely silent, not answering any questions and not making any comments.

I have had a helmet on my head which was not buckled up (for a well-founded reason)
and that was the cause to harass me and try to intimidate me.

After some personal experiences I am looking at Queensland police as a criminal terrorist gang - 'government' paid thugs, who in return for an opportunity to harass and intimidate people for their own sick satisfaction, will do anything what they are told.
Shooting people in the back of the head, breaking their bones or just threatening others - it is a job they chose.
Therefore, out of abundance of kindness, I do not want to lower myself into any form of discussion with them. Listening to those arrogant shitheads babbling in patronizing tone of voice some silly questions makes me sick.

After several minutes of their idle talk, while I did not say a word, they drove off promising that I will receive 'infringement' notice in the mail.
I rode in my direction with helmet on,
buckle not on.

As expected, 100 m down the track, another tandem of dickheads was waiting for me and the routine was repeated. (Constable M.Dek and constable Dominic McGee)
Again, I was using my phone camera to video the encounter, they were yapping something and I did not respond or made any comment.
I only showed them my ID.

After several minutes one of them tried to give me 'notice to appear in Court' while the other put in the basket on my bike 'Infringement notice'.
I read it later ....

That primitive moron wrote as the 'alleged' offence - '…fail to wear helmet' while at the same time recording on his body camera me clearly having helmet on my head.
As he is a Queensland policeman, I am sure that he will be saying that in court, under oath............

Just like the other lot, they drove off not worried any more about 'the law' which apparently I broke and I continued my way expecting another stop.
It did not happen, although they were clearly aware of  lawbreaker on the loose…..




If I, in any way, was doing something what was really wrong - they should prevent me from doing it AND THEY DID NOT. So much for the 'protection of community safety'.

They are in fact 'my accomplices', 'accessory after the fact' (in legal terms) as they allowed
'the lawbreaker' to carry on, continue his 'offensive' behaviour.
Also they have committed 'dereliction of duties', etc….they displayed mental obnormality, etc...
This is irrelevant if I had any 'lawful' reason for not having helmet buckle on.
Look at the reality of the situation. A person is enjoying himself riding a pushbike in a safe to himself and others manner; does not cause, even potential, harm to other people or things; on bike path designed for that purpose…..
Suddenly, come few morons who start chasing that person like dogs are chasing proverbial postman.
Those creatures are not even feeling ashamed of their conduct !!!!!!!
They are too primitive to grasp it…

Those scumbags are using 'law' as a pretext to harass, intimidate, terrorize people - trying to mould them into slaves who will be doing anything what they are told by 'authorities'?
Assisting in construction of extremely oppressive regime, which due to technological advances, is incomparable with anything known previously in human history.
"Taking a person to court for not having fastened strap on helmet for pushbike."
is there any police force around the world who will beat it?