Have you been 'fined'? I was.

image Since I am blocked from ‘initiating’ an action against mongrels I chose to keep on fighting using the issue of ‘speeding’ fine.
This is a billion dollar industry, easy money earner for ‘government’ falsely promoted under banner that ‘speed cameras save lives’ ; and it is time to show that lies, greed and deception do not pay. It is not so much to ‘save’ my money but to hurt the dishonest ‘system’ and mongrels within it.
There are several web sites giving variety of advises, strategies and legal references.
Some of them are just wishful thinking, some are possibly created by lawyers to create confusion and to give false tactics, some have incorrect legal information; some have hints I will try to utilize.

Stage one – ignore ALL correspondence from police, Sper, courts until they find you ‘guilty’ and with the ‘authority’ of court order send you a bill to pay. It is really safe to ignore all the previous demands for payments as without a court order they are just empty threats designed to intimidate you and to scare you into submission.
Do not be tempted to send letters, reply to letters, provide excuses, explanations, plead, beg, etc and do not go to court when you get 'summons'.

The reason for ignoring innitial garbage is simple – after you receive the court order you have THE RIGHT for rehearing within 2 months after the order. (it is ex parte – you cannot appear in court, ‘plead’ anything etc)( Justices act 1886 section 142) So, the whole show will start from the beginning and all the efforts by fiends to get you are wasted.
In my case I tried the extra technique of bullying the bully (Sper) but due to legal limitations I am facing I could not do it.
First stage ends with you giving your fiends the pleasure of seeing you gracefully making appearance in court. Of course you are forced to play their game but play it according to your own rules because if you play it according to their rules they will eat you alive with experience.

The joodiciary (judges and magistrates) in countries with ‘Westminster democracy' is the main tool of 'Rule Bruttania' condition and those people are selected exclusively from among 2 groups – anglos, belonging to ‘homo brutanicus‘ breed, and ‘jews’ or khazars as they should be known.
The ‘administrative terrorism’ attempts to ‘encourage’ everyone to be a good boy as so called ‘law abiding citizen’ and you will hear lots of morons proclaiming that they are just that – which, they claim, is a good thing to do.
In fact, it means only one thing – you submitted to terrorists and you agreed to do what is good for them. Taking ‘free money’ from you under any pretext is one of obvious benefits to them.

Even the most ancient and ‘primitive’ societies have understanding of natural laws – rational, fair, logical – there is no need to have ‘learned people’ to ‘explain’ those to people.
Anglo laws are not ‘rational, fair, logical’ and 'learned' people associated with them are just
a bunch of crooks and swindlers.

The cohort of ‘magistrate’ and police prosecutor (and the lawyer – if you are stupid enough to get one) are doing it on daily basis; they heard all the excuses, justifications, defences and had years to perfect their responses to bit you. Both 'magistrate' and police prosecutor are government employees (lawyer is in the same gang being licenced 'officer of the court') and they band together against you with rather thinly disguised pretext of independence, in order to fill the bag of their paymasters. It has nothing to do with 'law' and 'justice' but, as many other things in 'democratic system', with getting free money from 'law abiding' citizens.
You have to come up with something they do not expect, they are not prepared for and to avoid traps.

Do not get bullied into ‘pleading’ anything. (right to silence - ) When asked - I said that ‘I am not pleading anything’ and that threw the spanner into wretched mechanism. It worked for me because I had an idiot magistrate who did not know how to deal with that - Ms SHERYL LOUISE CORNACK .
She said – ‘I will be pleading on your behalf “not guilty” – and she made the note in court papers to that effect. Queensland universities for lawyers are just moron factories – and
she is good example of that.
She gave me also a sheet of paper demanding that I personally collect the brief of evidence
from police instead of them sending it to me.
That is demeaning, intimidation and unlawful as the onus of proof, in any decent legal system, lies with the prosecution – they have obligation to provide you with the brief of evidence.
They are not doing you a favour, you do not have to beg for it.

According to Magistrates Courts Act 1921, Magistrate Courts HAVE TO work according
to the same rules as Supreme Court. Arrogant magistrates bamboozle people into believing
that if there is ‘likehood’, ‘balance of probabilities’,etc. that police can claim you could be
guilty of something you are lost if you cannot proof your innocence.
19 Laws of evidence
The laws of evidence that apply in the Supreme Court apply in the trial of all questions of fact
in the court.
So, police HAVE TO prove 'beyond reasonable doubt’ EVERYTHING!

Another trick she used was to give ‘direction’ – that if I want to ‘challenge’ ‘accuracy
of the device’ and similar rubbish, again I have to ask the prosecution for it.
Ignore anything they try to push you into – as they are prepared for their own routines.