Centrelink - rotten cockroaches

Gone are the methods considered to be ‘non productive’, open persecution with violent, physical abuses – at least in countries with ‘established democracy’ like Australia.
Instead, mongrels are trying to destroy a person using ‘peaceful’ methods – putting in prison, declaring bankrupt, accusing of doing this or that to discredit a person
(‘drugs’ and child pornography/molestation – seem to be favourite methods) etc.
This time in my case they try to hit me financially knowing that I live a very modest life
and to show me what 'duty of care' means in this rotten system.

I spent year 2016 pretty much fighting against harassment by hideous and nasty creatures employed in Centrelink.

  1. Under pretext of me having a ‘debt’ with them, they were stealing money from
    my old age pension and it took me 8 months before they repaid all stolen money.

  2. In October 2016 they ‘suspended’ completely my pension, using again a false pretence of me,
    allegedly not filling up some stupid forms, and reinstated it six weeks later,
    only after a public protest/action in front of their building.

Year 2017 begins the same.
My old age pension is ‘suspended’ again under fabricated pretences, meaning that
I will be getting “0A$”, therefore this is an attempt to ‘destroy’ me.
I did nothing wrong; I did not break any laws, rules or regulation; I am undeniably eligible for that old age pension.

During my public protest against Centrelink in December 2016 I had the opportunity
to listen to many stories of people harassed or wronged by Centrelink.
Therefore, I am aware that harassment, nasty and arrogant treatment, intimidation and
systemic bullying by creatures working in Centrelink is prevalent, widespread and rampant.

So often I heard stories of people being treated by Centrelink mongrels in a demeaning manner, as they would have almost to crawl before ‘masters’ and beg them for a handout.

That abuse of the Australian citizens is committed not by fanciful and imaginary ‘terrorists’
but by the local scourge which is bureaucratic manure of our society who by law,
have ‘duty of care’.

There are no mitigating elements of unconscious conduct due to the lack of awareness - on the contrary! - it is a deliberate and premeditated disgusting action, as those mongrels are aware of the harm, distress, grief and deprivation caused to unfortunate people.

Being subjected to harassment and persecution by that hideous organization I cannot communicate with them in a civil manner. They do not respond to messages left on their official contact page, just falsely claim that it is ‘finalized’.

Attempting to call them is a nightmare. They give away one common number, so every time I called, firstly I am talking to a person who knows nothing and cannot help anything but I have to waste the time explaining what is the issue.
Then, I get connected to someone who is just ‘available’ and who does not know anything and cannot help or explain. Then they transfer me from a moron to an idiot, then to an imbecile and every time I have to explain the same story from the beginning.

I believe that Centrelink insists on people calling them as a part of intimidation technique and also they can say on the phone any rubbish they feel without consequences, as most people do not record the conversations and it is later hard to prove what a mongrel from Centrelink actually said.
Of course, they will never admit that they have done anything wrong.

The Secretary of Centrelink does not have any right to mistreat me, abuse my rights, annoy me, harass me, persecute me and subject me to cruel conditions
(depriving me of means of survival)

The Secretary of Centrelink, nor his employees, do have any right to make unwarranted,
unjustified and illegal threats against me.

The Secretary of Centrelink, nor his employees, do have any right to treat me in a humiliating way, attempt to present me as a bad person and to behave towards me in a rude, arrogant and dictatorial way.
None of my messages/emails on their web page have been answered.

The Secretary of Centrelink, nor his employees, do have any right to treat people with contempt, abuse them by arrogant treatment and attempt to terrorize people, expecting people to crawl before them in submissive manner while themselves looking down with sick satisfaction.

The Secretary of Centrelink does not have any right to force me to suffer financial losses, cause me anguish and waste my time for something which does not have any benefits for Australia (as the country) or me personally.

The Secretary of Centrelink does not have any right to suspend my old age pension, which is cruel, inhumane and unlawful.