Tools of oppression and persecution

I have been making very public accusation of Queensland Department of Public Prosecution using fabricated evidence to obtain my conviction for a while now . ( just as I am publicly accusing the Queensland police of framing me ) .

You may wonder what is Qld DPP reaction ................. NOTHING .

They put their heads in the sand hoping that nobody will hear this , nobody will know this , nobody will notice or may be will forget .
Such experts in determining a criminal conduct or distinguishing what is right and what is wrong , so keen to prosecute ( or persecute ) people considered to be ' criminals ' somehow developed selective blindness and they cannot see the criminals among themselves .

Or there might be another reason . What is he making the noise about ?
We do it all the time , it is our standard practice , it is within our code of conduct !

They are laughing in my face ( and YOURS )

I brought up that issue for the attention of judges , Attorney General , legal organisations and several lawyers and barristers – and such conduct of the people in Qld DPP ( their colleagues ) is accepted , tolerated and protected .

~ ~
I am giving the example of the Queensland DPP ( following the Qld police lead ) with breath taking arrogance and perfidy presenting in Queensland Court the person's natural facial features as the 'evidence' of the damage suffered during the fight . (ISSUE )
Their conduct indicates that the truth and honesty are the foreign matters to them , something expected only from others .
~ ~
I am giving the example of the trial judge Leanne Clare - rejecting my submission to examine the prosecution witness in Court because it would show him committing perjury and it would ruin the prosecution case against me .( ISSUE )

Is it how an impartial , fair trial judge behaves …?
~ ~
I am giving the example of the trial judge Leanne Clare pretending that she did not see the contradictory evidence in Court and instead blabbing to jury about her conviction that whatever the accuser was claiming it was true . ( ISSUE )
Leanne Clare just few months before was herself the director of the Queensland DPP and she did hatever she could ( and as the judge she can do a lot ) to cause me anguish and to protect the prosecution case against me .

Is it how an impartial , fair trial judge behaves …?
~ ~
Leanne Clare was acting more like a show master than an impartial , and a fair trial judge .
At one stage during the Court hearing
she scripted the question which would be asked
the witness ,
she gave him instruction how to answer the question
and to top that she told him to lie as the answer to the question .

1-90-50 ( judge to witness) ...
I am going to ask you to restrict your answer to that question to yes...

At that time the witness ( the accuser - XXXXX ) was testifying in Court under oath and he could be expected ( under the rules existing in other , civilized societies ) to tell the truth , nothing but the truth , etc .

Is it how an impartial , fair trial judge behaves …?

If that seems to be a very radical way of administering justice please do remember that this is happening in barbaric Queensland , Australia . Such parody of justice and compromising of the fairness of the court process is silently accepted and approved by the local legal industry .
~ ~
I am giving the example of what methods are used by corrupt Queensland police to frame people and how it is successful in achieving the conviction due to manipulation and collusion within the legal industry .
~ ~
I am giving the example how some perfidious Queensland lawyers betray the trust people put in them and consciously act against clients vital interests with purposeful negligence and wickedness . Such conduct is approved and supported by ( some of ) their peers .
~ ~
I am giving the example of selective application of laws in this country eg. when principles of
' likehood ' and ' association ' are used by judges left , right and centre to justify conviction of ordinary people and somehow they are forgotten when it comes to dealing with one of their own . Isn`t the equality before the law supposed to be the corner stone of this legal system ?

Isn`t it the abuse of judicial power by not applying the same rules and laws for all Australian citizens ?
~ ~
I am giving examples of conduct of ' legal ' organisation - Queensland Law Society - through their
' investigative ' arm - Queensland Solicitors Professional Standards - openly protecting dishonest , crooked lawyers (
LSC2 ; RATS ) .

Working hand in hand with supposedly ' independent ' organisation - Legal Services Commission
( staffed by lawyers ) who unashamedly do not hide their role as protectors of lawyers ' rights ' when faced with public complaints .
~ ~
I am giving examples of conduct of Queensland Government institution - the office of Attorney General - openly protecting crooked lawyers and persecuting people daring to complain about that ' organized crime ' - deeds and schemes . That persecution is intended to discourage other people from endangering the monopoly rights of the ' legal profession ' ( LSC2 ; MAFIOSOS) .
~ ~
This kind of methods are used in Queensland to ' prove ' people`s guilt in criminal proceedings , this is how convictions are achieved and people are locked up as criminals . All elements of the legal industry I contacted so far remain silent and pretend that they do not see this perfidy perpetrated by employees of Queensland Government .

So now , I have involuntary task and unpleasant duty to publicize that appalling situation of crooked course of justice in this QueenieLeaks.

And due to dreadful paralysis of the system we can only look and shake our heads .
~ ~
I believe that from legal point the following errors of law have occurred during my trial :

1. unlawfulness of the selection as the trial judge a person involved in producing
the charge against me to the court

2. unlawfulness of using fabricated evidence by Queensland DPP to secure

3. unlawful denial of the right to defend effectively in court - exposure of the
prosecution witness ( the accuser ) as the liar in court under oath was prevented by the judge

4. violations of principles of fair conduct of the trial

The above mentioned issues indicate that I have not been offered procedural fairness , the court case against me was unlawfully manipulated and I did not receive a fair trial according to law .
My basic human rights have been trampled upon , particularly articles 7 and 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .
~ ~
Several sections of the Queensland Criminal Code have been violated by the people involved in my persecution .

S 140 – attempting to pervert the course of justice

However in that 2 tier ' legal ' system the criminal code exists only to harass and prosecute people like me and you and not ' THEM ' .
~ ~
I have approached not 1 , not 2 not 3 BUT 20 ( TWENTY ) Queensland lawyers trying to get someone to present professionally in the High Court some issues which were treacherously ' omitted ' by my 'legal representation' for the appeal in the Supreme Court of Queensland .

That fact gives me the right to make general statements ( in other places on this site ) referring to
' Queensland Legal Industry ' - as the established structure of certain characteristics , based on my personal experiences .

In five years I have met briefly only 2 people from within legal industry who seemed to be honest and fair in their conduct .
~ ~
Is there any way to impede the abuse of power by those in power or their servants ?

What is the possibility of bringing to justice people from the Qld police or Qld DPP who were involved in my persecution , in fabricating the charge against me ?

What is the possibility of bringing to justice the person who falsely accused me of assaulting him when in fact he attacked me and he lost the fight ?