Queensland Attorney - General

After some changes in the political arena I am trying to bring to their attention the appalling state , corruption and the rule of mafia in Queensland legal system .
The copy of my latest correspondence ( February 2013 ) to Attorney General and also to the new Premier of Queensland .

Not surprisingly on 07.03.2013 I received the same type of rubbish from the new guy .
Bureaucracy and the people inside it work according to the same principle - put the head in the sand and if someone shakes you up pretend confusion and inability .
HIGHEST LEGAL OFFICER in that glorious state of Queensland publically ignores the fact of protection of a criminal by a government institution ( declared as a wrongdoer by that institution ! ) and remains totally silent when it comes to Queensland barristers . TSHHHHH - they do not exist !

Do we really need such mongrels to ' govern ' us ? We need to tidy up those ' belorutchkies ' .