OY , Queensland barristers !

There is nothing personally unique about this matter because we all are subjected to a clear pattern of conduct by people who claim of not being accountable for their actions .
This is a fight involving hypocrites from Bar Association of Queensland and Legal Services Commission who are trying to avoid investigation of crooks in their ranks ( lawyers/barristers ) in the world capital of corruption .

Bar Association made their own legal obligation

When they realised that I will not be ‘ satisfied ‘ with any dismissive rubbish response and it is a bit awkward to admit that THREE of their guys would have to be brought to justice they choose to not even answer to my letters .
The brotherhood of crooks and liars is publically showing how much they disrespect people who are not lawyers and non anglos , and they are implying that there is no ' legal ' enforcements to their conduct , therefore they can ignore my complaint and not investigate and prosecute own crooks .
With mafia members playing roles of ' defenders ' , ' prosecutors ' and ' judges ' within the ' legal system ' ; with other mafiosos playing roles of ' law makers ' and ' independent ' bureaucrats within state administration they became drunk with arrogance and narcissism thinking that they are ' untouchable ' .
How long those cosy arrangements and conspiracy against the society can be tolerated !

They made the publically known formal written commitment  to investigate the baddies in their ranks and as they are working in the legal industry they are expected to be aware of the legal responsibility when making written commitment !
After 6 months of silence I sent those people another kind letter asking if they had a chance to assess my complaint about some of their guys behaving like crooks , liars and cheats .
I have been waiting 12 months for an answer to my letter and ….NOTHING , except LOUD SILENCE.
So , you are bad boys ( and girls ) because people with such HUGE claim to respectability and honesty as you propagate about yourself do not behave in such manner by showing maturity of a 4 year old child .
Do I need to remind you that every day , in every courtroom of this state you have audacity of jumping up and down when barking  about  ' law ' , ' justice ' and‘ intentional ‘ dishonesty and offensive conduct of others who have to be lectured and educated by you ?!

YOU DO NOT HAVE  any right to say about others what is patently true about you !!!

I suggest that you check in dictionary the meaning of words ' hypocrisy ' , ' dishonesty ' ,
' pretentiousness ' , ' deceitfulness ' and similar and see how they relate to your behaviour - timidity when bringing to justice crooks from your ranks .
If other people behaved in such way you hypocrites would call this as ' attempt to pervert course of justice ' ?
You do not live and operate in a desert but in a society where your conduct is observed and noted.
You have also legal obligation to follow certain procedures and to do certain things and you are expected to know it better than an average person like myself .

Tampering with enforcing the law , obstructing the law when it is ' inconvenient ' appear to be  your traditional hobby . You seem to be of the opinion that ' law ' is something what is applied to other people and not yourselves . Such attitude is commonly attributed to fanatics of dishonesty called ' people with criminal tendencies ' . Since your spiritual ancestors became the founding fathers of  ' crime ' as the concept - is this inheritance responsible for your conduct - blatant defiance of laws in this state ? You would not be involved in the cover up of dishonest , potentially criminal conduct of your colleagues , would you ?
You would ?  - noooooo , you would not ?
Do you think that you are ' protecting ' the image of the organisation/profession by putting your heads in the sand ? - you are actually creating the image of the organisation/profession because people do not see your heads in the sand but your arses sticking out !

By being tainted with involvement in clearly criminal activity and shattering your own credibility you became as genuine as a $3 bill !
One day when someone writes a scholarly book about this affair it will be a story how Bar Association of Queensland had to change its name to Bullshit Artists of Queensland with the only advantage that some of the old stationary could be reused .
What about ‘ Queensland Barristers ‘ the musical - with all time favourite theme song - ‘ Give us your money … ‘.
Perhaps John Cleese could be playing and running ‘ chambers ‘ in ‘ Filthy Towers ‘ .
And who could play Alibaba with 40 of your guys in support roles …..?
You dudes can become quite (in)famous !

What is particularly inexcusable is the fact that 2 of your members - Tim Carmody and Douglas Wilson - deliberately and consciously did not bring in Court extremely appalling case of the breach of international standard of independence of judiciary (http://www.petermarkan.org/zissues6.html ) and your member - Paul E. Smith - when specifically asked about that matter did not have a clue how to answer this issue BUT he did not hesitate to steal money by deception from me .

Isn`t the purpose of the ' law ' , of which you claim to be ardent practitioners , to bring to justice the wrongdoers , ' violators of the law ' ?
Possibly they could be rehabilitated and may be one would make a meaningful contribution to the society . What a dream ........?

Some , apparently ' lesser '  of your mob , from Queensland Solicitors Professional Standards and John Poodle from Legal Services Commission already showed what can be expected from people working in Queensland legal industry - are you going to maintain the same dreadful standard ?
If so , do not be shy - why don`t  you make it plain , loud and clear and known to everybody !

If you are not like them - boys and girls , ' learned ' people - when are you going to fulfil your legally binding obligation !!!!!!!!


An extract from Queensland Bar Association web page

Ethical Counsellors

From time-to-time. and usually with some urgency, BAQ members require counsel and advice on ethcial issues which confront them in practice.

Guys , I do believe that when it comes to ethics you have quite a lot to do !

On 04.03.2013 I received copies of Bar Association ' reports ' into those matters .
Another lot of garbage just like from other ' democratic ' institutions . Copies are below .
Someone has to teach them the respect for the truth and other people . I started proceedings in Supreme Court in an effort to do that .