The anatomy of crime

On 13.07.2007 I was involved in the incident with another person in the situation that I was attacked with a piece of wood and after I took that piece of wood away from the attacker , he kept on attacking me with a large , long screwdriver.

Trying to dislodge that screwdriver from his hand I hit him several times on both hands and as the result the attacker had broken left hand ( discovered later ) . I did exercise care and caution not to hit him in vital parts of the body and when I left him he appeared to be uninjured . There were no witnesses to the incident .

The attacker made a complaint to police lying of being hit unexpectedly at the back of the head as the start of the incident and then several more times on the head as well. ( in spite of NOT having the slightest mark on his head )
Due to attitude of police questioning me I refused to answer any questions but later on I provided them with my Affidavit in relation to that incident . During the court hearing , where I represented myself , compounded effects of manoeuvring , awareness of manipulation and powerlessness , sickness and exhaustion brought me considerable stress and I was on a verge of a nervous breakdown . At that time I was not in the condition of being able to testify .

When addressing the jury I tried to read some notes which I prepared earlier. I was interrupted even in that , the jury was asked to leave and I had another dressing down by the trial judge .
In this situation the jury , without hearing the evidence in its totality , had to determine only if
' grievous bodily harm ' happened and I was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment .

I have spent 2.5 years in Queensland prisons and if someone thinks that it is not too much compared with other people who spent 10 or 20 years , just imagine being all this time among junkies , petty thieves , robbers and murderers ; among mentally disturbed people deprived of any respect for others .

It is not only the deprivation of freedom , it is the deprivation of the ability to enjoy life , god given entitlement to be full human . It is the waste of the very limited resource as the human life span is , it is suffering , anguish , misery , pain .

And all of that for doing nothing wrong .

The main issue here is the denial of my right to defend myself against an armed attacker .
The right denied me because I am not of anglo background and as the ( presumed ) second class citizen in this country , at every opportunity , I and others are subjected to ' domination lesson ' by ' homo brutanicus ' to ' teach ' us to be just passive slaves .

1. I was not acting recklessly - I did not hit him back blindly or aimlessly ; my conduct was a reasonable response , necessary and only solution in the situation I was facing .

2. As it is apparent from the nature of his injuries - they were non life threatening ; not intended to cause any serious or permanent damage ; not disproportional to the aggressiveness of his action ; and what is overwhelmingly significant - he was the initiator of the incident , he was the attacker who overestimated his own abilities .

3.The charge against me is based solely on malicious accusation by a person so obviously lying in his statements - it can be proved by the internal analysis of his claims and contradictory evidence by hospital staff . That person is not the ' victim ' who was ' unexpectedly struck from behind ' but in actuality he was the attacker.

4. My evidence of acting in justifiable self defence can be proved by circumstances and the nature of his injuries.
I tried to stop being harassed and my life being wasted . All my efforts were rejected .

- on 29.09.2007 - I provided police with the Affidavit describing what really happened ( made on 18.07.2007 )

- on 20.01.2008 - I wrote a letter to DPP asking them to review the accusation looking at the conflicting evidence they are presenting ( the accuser statements and the result of hospital examination )

- on 04.09.2008 - I asked the judge to review the accusation against me and to quash the indictment.

Every one of those organisations denied me the right to defend myself against an armed attacker .

My appeal to the Supreme Court of Queensland was effectively sabotaged by the lawyer , Peter Russo , who was promising to do everything I wanted until I signed the release of the fee money from the trust account and then , in a devilishly deceptive way , he ( and his 2 accomplices ) failed to bring up several issues in Court for judges attention . It was done in such manner that I could not object or prevent it .
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Subsequently , I made numerous efforts to find a legal professional to represent me for the Appeal in High Court and I made an effort to prepare to the best of my abilities issues which should have been presented previously and I contacted Legal Aid Queensland , several lawyers and barristers in Queensland , legal organisations and I asked them to help me to present those issues to the High Court.

Some of those people promote themselves as champions in fight for human rights , civil liberties , fairness and justice ( expressing ' concerns ' when it is alleged to happen in another country ) -
and after looking at those issues which were ' omitted ' for the appeal by my legal representation , NONE of them had the decency and the courage to express the legal opinion about their legitimacy.

The initial incident , my fight with the person who attacked me , became buried under the mountain of legal pretences – the main one being the dogma that in Australian court there is always a ' fair trial ' and all elements of the legal system repeat that mantra in spite of the evidence to the contrary in front of them .

There is always a psychological disadvantage for the accused  person while in Court . Perception is , due to the influence of propaganda , that police would not charge people if they were not guilty . So , if such person tries to defend himself by pointing out lies and discrepancies he is likely to be looked at as the guilty person who tries to avoid the punishment .

If there is a difference in description of the situation between witnesses and the accused person - jury natural sympathy is for the ‘ free ‘ witness ( he is like one of us ) and not for the person who was brought to the courtroom already in handcuffs (meaning that he is likely  ‘dangerous‘ to ‘us‘ ) .

And what can be done if the prosecution witness is shown to be lying :
- the trial judge is not willing to do anything
- the prosecution/police will not do anything
- jury can not do anything
- the accused person can hit his head against the wall

There is no provision in ' law ' for punishment by the judge or jury ( or in fact anybody else ) the criminal elements in police/dpp engaged in such conduct and it means that the they get scot-free .
Therefore , it encourages them to do that to get awards/promotions for ‘ successful prosecution ‘ .
In this legal system the jury can only give a verdict ‘ guilty ‘ or ‘ not guilty ‘ and that is also subjected to the ' instructions ' from the trial judge . If a judge is fair he/she makes fair comments and instructions , if not ( like in my case that rotten Leanne Clare ) the ' guilty ' verdict is certainty .

Just like so called ' commissions of enquiry ' which get ' terms of reference ' so constructed that nothing unexpected can be discovered .

And the fight continues . I am collecting new ' enemies ' every time when I try to bring to supposedly ' independent ' institutions attention the injusticies and the abuse I have been subjected to .

Corrupt police are protected by corrupt department of public prosecutions .

Corrupt people from department of public prosecutions are protected by corrupt
' defence ' lawyers .

Corrupt ' defence ' lawyers are protected by corrupt government institutions .

AND all of them are protected by corrupt courts .

My personal experience with Queensland ' law'

When I was attacked and I defended myself I was told that I cannot take ' law ' into my own hands and I got sentenced to FOUR YEARS IN PRISON for breaking
a hand of my attacker .

When I was abused by lawyers and I did what I was told I should do as ' law' abiding citizen , I went to the ' law ' and complained – the outcome is that they tell me ' we can abuse you because WE ARE THE LAW ' .

People working for the ' law ' have the privilege to act unlawfully and abusively .