This is how I grew up
from being an average person still having some illusions
about lawyers, courts, 'justice system', Queensland and Australian 'democratic insitutions' to the current understanding of the whole system. Details are on other pages.

  • 27.10.2008 - I was convicted in District Court in Southport by judge Leanne Clare to 4 years imprisonment
    for breaking the hand of the person who attacked me. (DC 286 of 2008)

  • November 2008 - I engaged for the Supreme Court appeal lawyer Peter Russo with barristers Tim Carmody and Douglas Wilson. Peter Russo, was promising to do what I wanted to be done until I signed the release
    of the fee money from the trust account and then, he (and his 2 barrister accomplices) sabotaged the appeal
    by not bringing important matters for judges attention and abandoned the sentence appeal without
    my knowledge or permission. It was done in such manner that I could not object or prevent it.
    (R v Markan [2009] QCA 110)

  • June 2009 - I lodged complaint against conduct of lawyer Peter Russo with Legal Services Commission.

  • November 2009 - I applied in Supreme Court for judicial review of LSC decision - judge Philippides did not find anything unusual with such conduct. (NONE OF THE ALLEGATIONS CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED) (8190 of 2009)

  • November 2009 - I engaged lawyer John Paul Mould and barrister Paul Smith for the appeal to High Court.
    They took A$ 5500 for promising to give ‘legal advise’ about matters suggested by me for the appeal.
    In return for my money I received 3 letters with rubbish in them purporting to be legal advise and no ‘legal opinion’ about the issues I asked about. Money was withdrawn from the trust account without my permission.

  • May 2010 - I lodged complaint against lawyer John Paul Mould with Legal Services Commission.
    LSC in a typical bureaucratic ploy to divert attention from the core issue to a trivial one reluctantly agreed
    to prosecute JPM for minor breach ONLY which was intended to camouflage the major dishonesty of JPM. Almost THREE YEARS later even such symbolic slap on the wrist has not been done.
    My core complaint was dismissed. (NONE OF THE ALLEGATIONS CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED)

  • May 2011- I applied for judicial review of Legal Services Commission decision in Supreme Court - judge Atkinson did not find anything unusual with such conduct (NONE OF THE ALLEGATIONS CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED)  (Markan v Legal Services Commission [2011] QSC 338)

  • May 2011 - I lodged complaints about conduct of barristers Paul E. Smith and Tim Carmody and Douglas Wilson to Bar Association of Queensland. In spite of reminders I did not receive any correspondence. Complaints later dismissed. (NONE OF THE ALLEGATIONS CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED)

  • February 2013 - I started in Supreme Court the proceedings against Bar Association of Queensland.
    My application for selection of the suitable person as trial judge was dismissed and my claim against
    Bar Association of Queensland was dismissed as well.
    (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland (No 1) [2013] QSC 108)
    (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland (No 2) [2013] QSC 109)
    (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland [2013] QSC 146)
  • April 2013 and June 2013 - I appealed to Supreme Court both decisions - selection of the trial judge and dismissal of my claim against Bar Association of Queensland. Both appeals were dismissed.
    (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland [2013] QCA 379)

  • June 2013 - the Invoice to BAQ for my service to them of ‘public ridicule’ and ‘public humiliation’ was not paid forcing me to instigate the Court action to recover the money due to me.

  • 26.07.2013 - my application for the selection of suitable person as the trial judge (based on the provisions of Article 14 of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) was rejected.
    (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland_No 6041 of 2013_UNREPORTED)

  • 26.07.2013 Mr Fryberg (as the ‘judge’) refused to recuse himself, in spite of admitting getting financial benefits and having extensive connection with BAQ, which was the other party in the Court, and he issued the order in favour of BAQ. (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland_No 6041 of 2013_UNREPORTED)

  • 10.10.2013 My complaints to Crime and Misconduct Commission against Lawyers Mafia remained ignored by that organisation forcing me to start a court case against them for failing to protect me against Lawyers Mafia. The case was rejected by Mr Boddice. (Peter Markan v Crime and Misconduct Commission SC B4516 of 2013_UNREPORTED)

  • February 2014 my appeal to SC Appeal Court about Mr Fryberg conduct was rejected.
    (Markan v Bar Association of Queensland [2014] QCA 34)

  • 21.03.2014 My appeal about the conduct of Mr Boddice and his decision was presented in court. Margaret A McMurdo, Robert Gotterson, Philip Morrison acknowledged, accepted and admitted that they are illegitimate imposters and they choose voluntarily to listen to my issues I have with 'Crime and Misconduct Commission' as private citizens, therefore they abandoned the authority to make any legally binding decisions and in spite of that they made bizarre ‘judgement’ in favour of CMC. (Markan v Crime and Misconduct Commission [2014] QCA 060)

  • 26.05.2014 As the Commissioner Ian Stewart of Queensland Police Service refused to arrest, investigate and prosecute Margaret A McMurdo, Robert Gotterson, Philip Morrison – thus failing in his duty to me as the Resident of the State – I was aggrieved; outraged; I felt offended and vilified by such behaviour; I objected to being exposed to such conduct and my private rights and interests have been (or will be) adversely affected by the wrong done; - therefore I started the Court case against Queensland Police Service. The case was rejected on 23.07.2014 by Mr. Applegarth. (Peter Markan v Queensland Police Service No 4836 of 2014_UNREPORTED)

  • 27.02.2015 My appeal in this matter was rejected by Holmes and Fraser JJA and Jackson
    (Markan v Queensland Police Service [2015] QCA 022)

  • 30.07.2014 - Court hearing against Bar Association of Queensland (BAQ3). I pointed out the illegality of the current selection process of judges which is based on valid, existing laws - Australian and International. People who usually portray themselves as ‘human rights champions’ applied in court to deprive me such rights by asking for ‘vexatious person order’ against me.

  • 15.09.2014 - Wilson protected Queensland Bar Association. He shows to be typical Queensland moron lawyer who does not know much about basic legal principles, eg. he called Magna Carta and The Statute of Monopolies ‘not binding legislation’ in Queensland.(Markan v Bar Association of Queensland (No 3) [2014] QSC225)
  • When contacted State other legal (not judicial) institutions - Crime and Misconduct Commission, Department of Public Prosecutions, etc. - being lawyer dominated outfits they gave me the same type of responses.

    What friends are for ?

Initially , until January 2008 , I had a lawyer representing me but during committal hearing
I came to conclusion that he was acting against me and not for me .
10 min before the committal hearing was supposed to start , without any prior warning in spite of having several phone calls and emails in previous weeks , he tried to convince me that committal hearing is not good because it will let the prosecution know what is my defence ?!

He did not have my files with him , looking around I noticed that the accuser was not there , witnesses were not there , so it was apparent to me that the matter has been prearranged with the police prosecution .

It was a difficult situation for me because of another problem ( and he knew it ) .
I was on bail and trying to get on with my life .
I was lucky to get another good job and I was told to get ready to go to Japan for specialized training ( industrial lasers ) , however my passport was taken away and I did not want to tell the bosses of the company I was working for about my problems .

I asked previously the lawyer to apply to the court to get my passport back – and that meant to get police permission – and he said few days before on the phone that he was going to ask the court on the day the committal hearing was supposed to start .

So on this day of committal hearing , when I was getting ready to go inside the courtroom , the lawyer said to me that the police will not oppose me getting my passport back if I will not push for having the committal hearing .
I had few minutes to decide and knowing that the committal hearing was kind of formality and wanting to have my passport back I agreed .

Later on I found that this lawyer - Stephen Buchanan , 52 Davenport Street , Southport , Qld 4215
is a former policeman – he was just doing his colleagues a favour .



I terminated his services and later on I contacted 3 legal firms on the Gold Coast but I was disappointed by their attitude and approach .

Typical answer was - pay UPFRONT A$ 20 000 and we " will represent you ".

Not even an attempt to hide that they just wanted to grab my money because I was in trouble .