Legal Aid Queensland

I approached Legal Aid Queensland in May 2009 asking them for the legal opinion about the NEW matters I wanted to present to the High Court and I had to wait few months before receiving the reply.

And what a reply it was – in spite of my letters clearly indicating the need for the legal advise about the issues which were not presented for the appeal in the Supreme Court of Qld , their ' in house ' barrister (John McInnes) just recycled and blabbed about the issues presented previously to the Supreme Court by Russo and his gang .

In spite of my repeated correspondence and requests he and the whole organisation were pretending that they did not notice the problems I pointed out .

If I am wrong about the validity of my issues - convince me , but do not pretend that you do not see them .

The fact that I needed and I asked for the assistance does not mean that they have right to treat me like a mushroom , ignore and disrespect .

When I complained to the boss of LAQ , asking again to look at matters indicated by me and giving me honest and professional opinion about them , the so called ' independent ' reviewer confirmed that LAQ barrister was right in not expressing his views about the issues I pointed out .

PSST ! , perversity of the Queensland legal system has to be kept under wraps .

Doesn`t it show the phoney-ism of the whole organisation ?!


Our vision
To be a leader in a fair justice system that responds to the diverse needs of disadvantaged people.

Our values

Social justice
We protect people’s rights, ensure they receive fair treatment, and reduce their risk of social exclusion.

Respect (!)
We show respect for the people we assist and those with whom we work.

I am aware of my limitations when it comes to the detailed knowledge of laws and presenting the legal issues adequately , in the right manner and the right language , because of the restrictions of knowledge , non anglo background and emotional involvement .

It is worth noting that when later I approached the LAQ with the kind request to help me only to correct , amend and edit my application to the High Court looking at the language and style of the new issues I wanted to bring before the High Court - the answer I received was - ' we do not want to have anything to do with that '.

This is the answer from the government institution supposedly existing to help people without financial resources to present their cases before the courts and which is presented in propaganda as the bunch of human and civil rights defenders - dedicated , honest and righteous .

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