Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

( ' who is to guard the guards themselves ? ' ~ ` who is judging the judges ? ')

After being deceived and ripped off by lawyer John Paul Mould and barrister Paul E. Smith I tried to alert Queensland legal bodies to their deceitful conduct .
However , the ‘ learned ‘  people from Queensland Solicitors Professional Standards and Queensland Legal Services Commission did their best to convince me that whatever a Queensland barrister utters it will be considered giving a ` legal advice ‘ regardless how meaningless , idiotic and perplexing it is .

When you hear noises about alleged system of ` checks and balances ‘ , ` open and transparent ` system please remember that this is just  propaganda .
In fact key decision making positions , like Legal Services Commissioner , are not subject to scrutiny by anybody except few semi-gods in the establishment /nomenclatura .
Yes , in democratic style of Queensland variety there is no system of ` checks and balances ` ,
no ` transparency and accountability ` when it comes to issues of abuse by ` legal professionals `
( lawyers investigating lawyers ) .

They are guarded by Legal Services Commission whose decision cannot be overturned at all by anybody !
Small opening is left to question the ` legality ` of the decision ( but not the merits of it ) by a Supreme Court judge within ` review of an administrative decision ` .

I tried it and I failed – the Supreme Court judge confirmed ( through the chain of admissions ) with hypocritical sense of fairness looking at the selected ` evidence ` but denying reality with disregard for common sense , that I truly received from the Queensland barrister what I requested and paid for – ` appropriate ` legal advice about the issues I had queries about .

The hearing of judicial review of Legal Services Commissioner decision by judge Roslyn G Atkinson was on 18.08.2011 . ( official court site - http://www.sclqld.org.au/qjudiciary/profiles/rgatkinson/)

She made her decision known on 11.11.2011 . I was not invited to hear her making the announcement - either she was too shy to look into my eyes when pronouncing her decision or it is another case of arrogance and disrespect to the party before the court who is not a lawyer , therefore in opinion of those people can be ignored .

It is a fine example of the attitude of a person who apart from being a judge was also ' Human Rights ' and ' Equal Opportunities ' Commissioner and President of Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course not some ephemeral human rights like ' fair treatment ' or providing ' natural justice ' .
Oh , no !
She was involved in pushing for real human rights like ' the right to be represented in Court by a lawyer ' . Isn`t it a wonderful ' human right ' to have ????

It guarantees lawyers the indecent income from your hard earned or borrowed money .
It prevents you from saying in Court things which are not convenient for the nomenclatura and truth remains hidden .
Instead , the lackey of the nomenclatura says publically things he knows the judge needs to hear and to pretend to believe in , to justify his/her decision . ( ' out of abundance of caution ')

Ms Atkinson decision means not only confirmation of idiocy and arrogance - it is the invitation to the open , unrestricted slaughter by lawyers of unfortunate people in Queensland .
Practical implications are that the Supreme Court of Queensland gave its authority to the motion that asking a question by a lawyer constitutes giving ‘ proper ‘ ‘ legal advice ‘ .

Not only that – I paid A$ 5500 to crooks promising me the help with legal explanation to the validity of my issues and  I got nothing of the value in return .
The judge punished me again for complaining about the abuse by ordering me to pay to Queensland government lawyers A$ 12 000 .

Moral – be a good Christian . When they hit you on one of the cheeks , put the other one promptly so they can have fun hitting you again .

Such opinion was stated by ( is it ? ) ` independent ` Solicitor Professional Standards , eagerly used by ` independent` Legal Services Commission and confirmed by an independent court !
Of course the fact that in all cases all those people are lawyers has nothing to do with the decision , who would dare to suggest something like that - certainly not me ! - I do know that those people have ` integrity ` . I am not sure if even they know what it is , but in all statements it sounds important enough to quote it .

Among Queensland ` legal professionals ` there is no shortage of shabby , unsavoury characters  willing to participate in other people persecution – another is barrister Scott McLeod , who did not hesitate to demand in court to have me punished for complaining against lawyers .

So for now , if you have a legal problem of any kind and you ask Queensland barrister for a legal advice ( and pay UPFRONT untold thousands of hard earned dollars ) do not be surprised if in return you hear a burp , hiccup or a fart .

Don`t you understand – you just received a legal advice from Queensland barrister !

Since you are not a lawyer , you have problems understanding it so , you can pay another lawyer again untold thousands of dollars UPFRONT  so he may explain to you what that means . If you have not got any more money – tough titties , you are left baffled forever .
If you are naïve like me  and believe that you deserve something better for your money tough titties again – there is nobody to complain to , there is nobody to look after your interests and defend you from the abuse .

Do you hear that clapping ???
All workers in legal industries around the world are cheering Ms Roslyn Atkinson !

See , you all Saddam`s and Kadaffi`s - this is how oppression and repression is performed in ' democratic countries ' . Invisibly , often with victims not even realizing what happened to them .
All ' legally ' , ' lawfully ' , ' justly ' , ' fairly ' .

Isn`t it ironic and educational about true character of pseudo progressive Queensland institutions -
' Human Rights ' and ' Equal Opportunities ' Commission and Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal that their former boss and current SC judge denies a non lawyer the right to hear the judgement to which that non lawyer was a party !!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Roslyn Atkinson concept of ' natural justice ' is to allow her crooked professional colleagues to rip off other members of the society .

Roslyn G Atkinson - former
' Human Rights ' and ' Equal Opportunities ' Commissioner ,
former president of
Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
currently Queensland Supreme Court judge

You will notice in point 5 of the Claim of Costs , by Queensland Government preferred service provider
' Crown Law ' , that they disclose the hypocrisy of the ' law ' by saying ' the applicant grounds of review effectively challenged the merits of the decision by the respondent which is outside the scope of the Judicial Review Act 1991 '.

The perfidy of creating ' laws ' which intention is merely to pretend that ' rule of law' is maintained while in reality protecting the abuse of citizens by ' independent ' institutions.

As the battle continues ' Crown Law '( law firm acting on behalf of Queensland government to 'legally' protect people from nomenclatura , and that includes John Briton from Legal Services Commission ) provided me with their submission to SC regarding punishing me for complaining about lawyers ( copy below ).

You will see their standard phrazes about ' fairness ' and the lack of any evidence in support of my complaint - in their minds the positive image of Queensland legal industry is maintained !

Well , by making my own ' submission ' I am continuing their idiotic game (copy below)

I got prompt reply from Crown Law . ( copy below )

Well , again typical case of arrogance by Queensland Supreme Court person .
Did not bother to contact me ( a party before the court ) and formally inform me about judges order
( which , to be kosher has to be written and sealed ).
Possibly that person just said - ' get him - you have green light from the Supreme Court judge ' !

And this is how LAWYERS MAFIA operates in this state !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With full support from Queensland Government .

Crown Law is a part of Attorney General department and thats part of Queensland Government - all of them in the same gang . Yes , the same people I am talking about in attgen.html - who are claiming that all is neaty natty in the glorious state of Queensland .




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