Queensland Police Service

The accuser lies were convenient for the police to discredit me and to have me persecuted .
Possibly , the accuser was even encouraged to say things which are hard to prove or disprove .
As a ' victim ' he was expected to have before the jury a credit of trustworthiness bigger than me as the ' aggressor ' .

They did not make any effort even to pretend that there was an investigation in the sense as understood by a normal person - verification and analysis of claims and facts . They jumped at the opportunity of being able to throw lies at me through another person ( the accuser ) and making me sweating to defend myself against lies .

The initial ' interrogation ' produced in court was actually ' sanitized ' - you will not see there the abusive , rude and vulgar police behaviour towards me ; you will not see there police as they are .
You will see calm , matter of factly questioning and me refusing to answer their questions .

The charge sheet did not have any relation to what happened during the incident ( when it was read in court I thought that they mixed it up with somebody`s else incident ) and doctors from Gold Coast hospital did not indicate in any way that the injury suffered by the person who attacked me was serious enough to justify such charge against me .

If anything , doctors indicated that my accuser was lying when claiming being hit on the head several times with a piece of wood capable of breaking the hand - by stating clearly NO HEAD INJURY .
( below copy 3,4 )

All those ' investigators ' and ' detectives ' proved their value by not asking my accuser the obvious question - ' if he hit you several times on the head with a piece of wood capable of breaking the hand , why don`t you have any signs of that ?'

When ' good guys ' are actually very ' bad guys ' .

Important clue showing that police were trying to ' frame ' me and ' get me ' and put in prison is in the fact that after receiving XXXXX complaint I was charged on the same day with causing ' Grievous Bodily Harm '.
Not with an ' assault ' or similar charge but very serious GBH because police obviously are aware that there are more heavier prison penalties for that . AND at that time police only knew that XXXX had a broken hand !

Charging the person with Grievous Bodily Harm is a devious way of legally disadvantaging the accused person :
- it implies aggressive , violent assault without actually stating it or the need to prove it
- it implies great harm done ( see the definition ) one step away from manslaughter without needing much to show to justify it ,
- it prevents the jury debating issues of provocation , mutual fight and self defence as ....
' irrelevant '
- it is almost impossible to find a doctor who would challenge opinion of another doctor (his colleague) in court
- the damage ( injury ) does not have to actually happen . It is enough if a doctor says that in his opinion there is hypothetical possibility that it could happen .

In his case the untrue claims by XXXXX were enhanced by police making exaggerated claims of the result of the altercation .
Small problem – Gold Coast hospital doctors did not provide evidence justifying such charge (hospital records clearly show ( page 9 and 12 , below copy 3,4 ) the problem only as ' alleged assault ') however this is not an obstacle for the boys in blue .

They found an obedient doctor – Terry Andrew Hammond – who was keen to help them by making a minor , unnecessary surgery on XXXXX hand ( 2 weeks after the incident ) and he provided the statement that if he had not done this the injury –
' would consist of a bodily injury of such nature that if left untreated would endanger life or be likely to endanger life or to cause or likely to cause permanent injury or to health ' .

All of that in relation to just a broken hand .( below copy 5 , 6 )
All this is needed to satisfy the ' legal requirement ' which describes what ' Grievous Bodily Harm ' is - a statement by a pseudo-expert who will testify to anything for a price .

Terry Andrew Hammond
The Shoulder and Sports Medicine Centre
Pindara Place, 13 Carrara Street,
Benowa Queensland, 4217

Further evidence of framing me was provided courtesy of police themselves .
In the transcripts of my interrogation by policeman Dods and Murray ( provided as evidence in court ) they both stated that I was told ' you are under arrest for the offence of assault occasioning bodily harm ' . ( below copy 1 )
I was subjected by policemen to rude and arrogant treatment therefore I refused to answer their questions ( as it is my right to do so ) . As the result the charge against me was ' upgraded ' to causing very serious Grievous Bodily Harm .( below copy 2 )

The process of collusion within the legal industry took place and all elements eagerly endorsed , rubber stamped the charge .

Nice and easy

In civilized countries police are the people who fairly and honestly investigate the accusation and after collecting the evidence they charge the person . In Queensland ( as the ' smart state ' ) they firstly make up a charge and then create the impression that evidence exists to support that charge .
In this case a statement by a stooge who on the basis of his profession ( doctor ) was expected to have respectability and the credibility in what he said . Isn`t it a good piece of ' investigative ' work by protectors of community safety in that glorious state of Queensland ?

On joining the Queensland police people are given not only a truncheon and a gun but also they are blessed with possession of magical powers .
13 July they knew how serious the damage was , and they charged me with GBH , although the doctors opinion about the nature of the damage ( regardless how truthful it was ) was made
3 months later , on 16 October ! Even the tooth fairy is envious .

This is not happening by mistake , accident , ignorance , negligence or misunderstanding .
This is deliberate , conscious action of Queensland government employees .

Looking at the ' smoothness ' with which those #&%@$# masquerading as ' upholders of law and order ' framed me , it is fair to say that this is not the first or only time they have done such thing. Please therefore do not ignore this , what they have done to me today they can do to YOU tomorrow .

I am formally , openly and publicly accusing the corrupted members of Queensland police with the fabricating of the criminal charge against me .

I was pursued not because I committed a crime but because it was possible and convenient to persecute me .

- police failed in their responsibility to establish how hostility commenced , who hit who first
- police failed in their duty to examine and verify facts presented by the accuser
- police failed to notice the contradiction in the evidence between the accuser claims and the result of medical examination
- police failed to confront the accuser about his claim of being hit on the head and the lack on any evidence of that
- police displayed disregard for factual evidence inconsistency in situation where the accuser lies were contradicted by other independent evidence
- police displayed lack of forensic skills during investigation
- police failed to make a reasonable assessment of facts before them

I contacted Queensland police ' Ethical Standard Unit ' , supposedly the section which is looking at the misconduct of police officers , and I asked them to look how their people are doing ' investigation ' of criminal matters .( below copy 7 )

The reply from ' Ethical Standard Unit ' was a bit sarcastic – you had an opportunity to show in court that our guys are crooked but you did not . So now we have the right to call you a criminal and our guys can bask in the glory of being called ' honest '.( below copy 8 )

We prefer to pretend that we know nothing about it .

All organisations to whose attention I brought it up ( DPP , Attorney General , CMC , judiciary and others ) are in such owe of those people that they are powerless to do anything

Of course the Australian public knows that such methods to persecute people are used only in ' dictatorships ' and ' despotic regimes ' . Here , in Australia ( we are told ) we have ' fair system ' and ' the rule of law ' (of the jungle).

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