Qld Department of Public Prosecutions

After the charges against me were passed from Queensland Police to Qld Department of Public Prosecutions I approached them by a letter asking to review the accusation against me and I pointed out the obvious accuser lies and discrepancies in the evidence . I was hoping that there is someone human , fair and reasonable .

I received the reply written ' for and on behalf ' of Leanne Clare ( at the time director of Qld DPP - and YES the same Leanne Clare who decided to drop the charges against the Queensland policeman accused of killing an aboriginal man on Palm Island and due to public outcry was kicked out from Qld DPP ) who later became the trial judge to hear the very one charge against me .

The reply was along the lines - ' do not worry about that , we know how to deal with such problems ' .
And sure they do .

People from Qld Department of Public Prosecutions were aware of the accuser lies regarding his claim that the incident started by me hitting him at the back of the head with a piece of wood and then several times more on the head .
That despicable Stuart Shearer admitted so much in court during preliminary mention on 04.09.2008 .