Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission

They have been pretending that ' there was no official complaint about this matter'
Therefore , I have sent them again another complaint in relation to different aspect of this affair - conduct of lawyers poodle ( John Briton ) who is in ' charge ' of Legal Services Commission .
What is going to be their reply this time !
3 months later - nothing.
Boys and girls - lets go to Court of Law to sort out this matter !

I contacted that phoney and toothless tiger of the law enforcement – Crime and Misconduct Commission - about the conduct of police and people in DPP – Judith Geary and hovering in the background Stuart Shearer


Queensland Department Of Public Prosecution employee
involved in my persecution - Judith Geary

Queeensland Department Of Public Prosecution employee
involved in my persecution - Stuart Shearer

The reply was – the appeal judges said that you received a ' fair trial ' therefore we do not give a damn. We covered our arses by being protected by the opinion of the higher authority .

We prefer to pretend that we know nothing about it .

This is in spite of being informed that several issues were not presented for the Supreme Court appeal by my treacherous legal representation and the judges could not comment about the issues which were not brought before them .

Currently they are receiving emails as the part of the public awareness program and eventually they decided to respond repeating old things that the protection of certain individuals against the accusations of people like me remain high on their agenda .

Writing ' private ' in a letter is a simple way of making the recipient feel obliged to keep the content of such letter to himself thus involuntarily participating in the cover up . However there is nothing ' private ' in this letter and it is in the interest of the sender to prevent other people knowing the manner of her conduct .

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