The racist attack

In June 2012 I was alerted to the article on lawyers website about the ' victim ' trying to make big money from his lies , the surprisingly sane decision by the judge and disappointment of lawyers previously salivating at the thought of sharing 30-50 % of the loot from an Australian Company .


Serra v Couran Cove Management P/L [2012] QSC 130 Brisbane Douglas J 31/05/2012


In this case the obvious lies were rejected BUT on the basis of the same lies , by the same person I got convicted to 4 years in prison for ' racist , cowardly attack ' by that rotten Leanne Clare who pretended that she believed that this mongrel was hit 60 times , including several times on the head !
She said during sentencing in -2-9- 'I am satisfied that the account of Mr Serra was a truthful one' !

In lawyers language - lies ( proven as such by independent witnesses in ' court of law ' ) became
' confusing statements ' and I , defending myself against an armed attacker , am called ' lunatic ' and ' villain ' in opinion of that piece of manure who wrote the article quoted below .

Interesting point comes out of this . Several lies of this mongrel were proven as such in court ( flagrant technical fantasies ) , among those point 26 of the judgement mentions about falsifying the document presented as evidence in ' court of law ' - Exhibit 6
' ....agreed in cross-examination that the print for these words appeared to be heavier than the first sentence. It was suggested to him that that was because it was done at a different time using a different biro....'

Isn`t it offence under S 126 – fabricating evidence ;
S 140 – attempting to pervert the course of justice ;
S 123 – perjury ?
Isn`t he guilty of attempt to obtain financial gain by fraud , etc .....
Isn`t it the job of Queensland ' protectors of community safety ' to investigate and prosecute such grave case of attempt to ' defeat justice ' ?
Easy job to catch this criminal - all is in front of them !

Being ' near death ' he managed to drive himself few km to the Security Office where he accused me of attacking him and breaking his hand .
Few hours later , when he made statement to police , story got bigger and bigger - now he was hit
several times on the back of the head as well ( ‘ suddenly ,  treacherously ‘ ) with ’ wooden club ‘ .
Anyone who is familiar with ' Nigerian letters ' is aware of ' inventiveness ' of people from this part of the world when creating a story .

So , this is the reality of anglo ' legal system ' . He got away with an assault , his lies succeeded to get me charged and convicted , he tried to make money on his lies - all the time with full support of elements of legal industry - police , DPP , lawyers , judge .

Evident is the glaring idiocy of anglo ‘ legal system ‘ . Even the most ridiculous lies and obvious stupidity has to be ‘ debated ‘ because once said in court and not challenged it becomes ‘ evidence ‘ . That encourages witnesses to lie ( for any reason ) without any fear of punishment .
Rattling about trivial matters is also encouraged by lawyers eager to drag court hearings as long as ( they figure out ) the client has money to pay them .

My affidavit to police describing what happened during the incident was simply ignored (zissues4.html)
Their attitude is - if you do not let a non-white man to beat you up you are ' racist ' and as such persecuted.

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