Is there 'equality' in the glorious state of Queensland ( Australia )?

As the result of being ripped off and deceived by lawyers ( rats.html ) I made formal complaint which was overviewed by another bunch of lawyers from Legal Services Commission ( lsc.html ) ( and with the support from Queensland Law Society own ' Solicitors Professional Standards ' ) who did not find anything wrong with a lawyer and barrister stealing money by deception from me .
In next step I went to Queensland Supreme Court where another lawyer ( again playing a role of
' independent ' body ) confirmed that it is lawyers ' right ' to steal money from people (mafiosos).

As the punishment I am also hit with the demand to pay $12 000 ( twelve thousand dollars )
of ' legal costs ' for sending me few letters and few hours in court .

In Court I had the indication of the judge - Ms . Atkinson attitude from the very start of the hearing when she tried to create confusion by claiming that the documents I provided as the evidence ' are not before me ' meaning that they will have to be ignored and disregarded .

Her explanation - she did not like that I included those documents as the attachments to the affidavit (as I did according to the written instruction I received from Supreme Court Registry) . She said that she wants them to be a part of the affidavit .
I said ' you are looking at them , those documents are before you , they are listed as the exhibits to the affidavit , and they are physically provided with the affidavit '.
NO , she repeated , they are not before me .

She apparently is not an idiot ! - such procedural tactic by an anglo judge was meant to confuse me and to ' justify ' that my evidence is irrelevant .
Such creature has mouthful of slogans about ' justice ' , ' fairness ' etc which she spreads on judicial conferences and while delivering her ' judgements ' as if she knew what she is talking about .
In doing so the judge Roslyn G Atkinson (formerly also ' Human Rights ' and ' Equal Opportunities ' Commissioner and President of Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal ! ) wanted to show not only her ' power ' and ability to punish me for complaining about lawyers, she also choose to show her contempt and how much she ignores and disrespects people who are non anglos and non lawyers!

When she was announcing her decision she let know about that fact only to government lawyers excluding , disregarding and snubbing me as a non person ( in spite of the fact that I was a party before the court ) ( evidence - Crown Law letter from 11.11.2011 ).

A week later , after considering my and lawyers submissions , when she made decision again she chose to inform ONLY lawyers about her decision ( evidence - Crown Law letter from 29.11.2011 ).

Please do not forget that the person offering the preferential treatment to one party before the court is former ' Human Rights ' and ' Equal Opportunities ' Commissioner and President of Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal !

Her conduct goes beyond arrogance and disrespect - this is a conduct of a racist person full of bulldust about her superiority as a lawyer !
I lodged formal complaints about her conduct to her boss Chief Justice Paul de Jersey and also to Human Rights Commission and to Queensland Anti Discrimination Commission .

Predictable replies from the office of the Queensland Chief Justice , Anti Discrimination Commission and the propaganda outfit ' Australian Human Rights Commission ' are below .

Blabbing that due to ' separation of powers ' (a device to protect and whitewash the official corruption) they cannot interfere with court ' decision or order ' . As you can see from my letter I did not ask them about interfering with ' decision or order ' - I brought to their attention the racist , discriminatory and contemptuous conduct by the public servant !

What about ' full equality before the law ' as in articles 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 and 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , which Australian Government signed ' on behalf of all Australians ' and which this organisation is supposed to monitor !

Oh well , if this was happening in Iran or Kazakhstan they would be jumping up and down full of ' concern ' for unfortunate people being abused there but .... not here !

So , we are not really ' equal ' in this country if a person ( usually ' anglo ' origin ) can break the laws , discriminate and abuse other people without any fear of punishment , but instead being ' protected ' by the ' law ' .

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