The persecution on another level

This is the true picture of people in the legal industry and ' legal ' and Queensland government institutions . Those so loud about the issues of honesty , justice , fairness and the truth when it involves other members of our society .
So if this was a matter of a normal person stealing a roll of toilet paper from a supermarket they would not have any hesitation in denouncing and condemning such person .
However here , they do not have any hesitation to do just the opposite - to be involved in the protection of their crooked colleagues ( John Paul Mould and Paul Smith ) stealing money by deception from me and allowing them to continue their life of crime . ( rats , lsc2 , mafiosos , sacred cow )

As the punishment for complaining about lawyers and making ' legal ' , legitimate steps to find justice I am hit with the demand to pay $12 000 ( twelve thousand dollars ) of ' legal costs '.

Guess to who ......QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT !

All those people who pretended not to see crookedness and rottenness of the system now will be jumping with phoney indignation - ' law has to be respected and he lost the court case '.

Who is this ' client ' the Crown Law letter refers to ? - lawyers poodle , John Briton - Legal Services Commissioner . And what he says - I am a fraud and a liar in charge of symbolic , pretended organisation and I will look after lawyers interests . You guys can lie , steal , defraud , abuse and swindle and I will take care that nobody can complain about you . If somebody does - I have friends in high places and they will help me to teach such person a lesson !

Encouraging others in such manner to commit offences - isn`t it the incitement to commit crime ? - punishable by ' law ' if committed by other members of our society who are outside of legal mafia?

Involved are :

Lies and depravity prevailed again – am I expected to accept that there is no legitimate outlet for ordinary people to voice their `dissatisfaction` with the abuse they are subjected to ?

Was the decision of corrupt , rotten judge Roslyn G Atkinson supposed to be the last nail into my coffin ? She gave them the ' legal ' victory !
Litigation is so much easier if you have one of your own people doing the ' judgement ' !

The evidence is publically available on this site ( rats ) and anyone can make own judgement . Are the ' legal advices ' received from John Paul Mould and Paul Smith really what I asked and paid for ? Was the Queensland Legal Services Commission doing the job they are supposed to do on behalf of the people of this state ? What it says about the ' professional ' level of knowledge of those both rats and the people mentioned above ?

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